Heartland Alliance Stands with Dreamers and Will Defend DACA

Today, the Trump Administration announced its plans to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Though this announcement was expected, we are nonetheless outraged and continue to stand unified and in strong support of our affected colleagues, participants, and community members. Please see below for more on this issue from Heartland Alliance’s President, Evelyn Diaz.

“Heartland Alliance believes society is better for everyone when all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. We stand with the 800,000 young adults who may lose their protections due to President Trump’s decision. Because of DACA, individuals were able to remain in their homes, support their families, complete their education, launch careers, and live without fear that they may suddenly be exiled. Allowing these young people to work, get a higher education, and contribute to their communities has benefitted society.

Even more painful than the economic loss, stripping away these protections dismantles the social bonds and connections that have made our entire society stronger. Young people who were once unafraid of deportation must now think twice before contacting authorities, engaging with government services, or trusting law enforcement.

Heartland Alliance serves DACA recipients every single day. We partner with them as they pursue their educational, work, housing, and other life goals. We know who these young people are and just how integral they are to our community – and we will not give up on them. We will continue to fight for immigrant families and refugees– and we will work with legislative officials and our advocate partners to find a permanent solution and create a roadmap to citizenship.

For more information about the loss of DACA protections and the services provided by Heartland Alliance and NIJC, please click here. Additionally, please support efforts to encourage Congress to defend DACA and all immigrant communities by passing legislation that protects recipients and respects the rights of all undocumented immigrants.”