Research Studies


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Whether you’re looking for a program evaluation, a needs assessment, mapping, focus groups, surveys, or other research services, IMPACT customizes each project to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Social Research

Many organizations seek to improve their understanding of and draw attention to the issues they address every day, but often lack the personnel, time, and know-how to effectively do so themselves. IMPACT specializes in conducting research that shines a spotlight on the social issues and solutions important to you, your program, and your advocacy and solution efforts. We produce reports, fact sheets, maps, case studies – whatever best helps you make the case for change.


Most organizations nowadays are encouraged or even required to evaluate their program’s effectiveness, document successes, and quantify unmet need. At IMPACT we view evaluations as more than just satisfying funder demands, but rather as opportunities to actively engage participants, staff, and administrators in continual program improvement and innovation. We will work with you to design and implement an evaluation plan that yields the information you need to improve your program.

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