Data Services and Subscriptions


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Sometimes the research you need has already been conducted or the data have already been collected. There is no need to recreate the wheel; IMPACT can find, review, and analyze this research and data for you – saving you valuable time and resources.

Data Requests

Many of our clients just need occasional data points for their community as they write grant reports, consider program and service expansions, or give presentations. IMPACT staff have extensive knowledge of Census and other related data sets and are skilled at extracting, analyzing, and presenting data.

Data Subscription

Some organizations are more frequent data consumers, and for you we offer an annual data subscription service that can be customized to accommodate the frequency and intensity of your data needs.

Data or Research Review Contract Services

For those who have more intense time-consuming data needs, IMPACT offers a data or research review contract service. We collect the data you need and provide you with a literature review, a data book, an annotated bibliography, a best practices summary, or whatever you need to achieve your goals.


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