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The Social IMPACT Research Center tracks poverty-related indicators for the nation and for a variety of geographies in Illinois and across the Midwest. Browse the links below to learn about poverty and get the most recent data for your local community. Still have questions? Call us at 312.870.4949 or send us an email at

Legislative District Fact Sheets

Legislative district fact sheet

These district fact sheets highlight the community members, institutions, and programs most impacted by state budget cuts over the last several years. As talks of massive cuts to important programs dominate the conversation in Springfield, these fact sheets can help you talk to your legislator about the people and organizations in your community that will be affected if those cuts happen.

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The Gender Disadvantage: Why Inequity Persists

IMPACT releases an annual Report on Illinois Poverty to educate lay people, legislators, and other decision makers in Illinois about the realities of poverty. Through this report, The Gender Disadvantage: Why Inequity Persists, we have uncovered various findings that expose how gender, gender identity, and gender norms shape experiences of poverty for women and gender minorities—and how women who have other marginalized identities experience even more inequity.

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New Poverty Data for Illinois & Chicago

This fact sheet presents the latest data on poverty, income, and health insurance for Illinois, Chicago, and the surrounding Chicago region counties. (Click here for smaller counties outside the Chicago region).

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Interested in a customized analysis of the new demographic, social, economic, and housing data for your program or project? We can help. We have a variety of data services designed to best suit your needs, from a single data request to data subscriptions where we work with you throughout the year to find, analyze, and tailor data for your needs. Check out the services we offer and send us a description of your data needs.

→ If you need to know… “What is the poverty rate for my Illinois county? How do we fare on other poverty indicators compared to the rest of the state?”

Interactive County Data Website

CountyMap: Report on Illinois PovertyComplementing our annual poverty report, you can also visit an interactive website that offers easily accessible county-level data on poverty, employment, education, assets, and more. The interactive site allows advocates, impacted individuals, and decision makers to see how poverty is impacting different populations and different areas of the state and to build fact sheets or spreadsheets tailored to geography and selected indicators. Site visitors can print, download, or share the data via email and social media. Is your county on the watch or warning list this year? You can find that out too.

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 → If you need to know… “How does my Chicago neighborhood fare on poverty and other key indicators?

Latest Local Data for Chicago Metro Region

Chicago Neighborhood Map IMPACT has analyzed the local Metro Chicago data that can be hard to find and prepared a series of data books for each county in Metro Chicago and for Chicago Community Areas. Each data book provides community, place, and/or township-level estimates across a variety of poverty and economic hardship indicators, including but not limited to poverty, extreme poverty, low-income, housing burden, and receipt of public benefits.

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