The Social IMPACT Research Center at Heartland Alliance does research that helps leaders create change. We collaborate with clients to measure and grow your social impact. Our user-friendly work equips nonprofits, foundations, and governments to advance real-world solutions to poverty.

About Us

The Social IMPACT Research Center is a program of Heartland Alliance, the leading anti-poverty organization in the Midwest. We believe good data drive good decisions, but we also know it can be daunting to evaluate what’s needed to create change and what works. That’s where we can help. Our down-to-earth and responsive team collaborates with clients to measure results and provide user-friendly recommendations so you can take action to grow your social impact.

We can help you conduct a survey, evaluate program outcomes, create a strategic plan, measure the social return on your investment, provide a needs assessment report, offer in-depth poverty data, lead a training, or just get you those data points you need to strengthen a grant application. We can also provide ongoing support to make sure you always have the latest data.

Over two decades of experience working closely with nonprofits has made us a leading source of social issues research. As a nonprofit ourselves we are also deeply committed to meeting your needs at a reasonable cost and tailoring every project to meet your unique requirements.

Our work helps nonprofits, foundations, and governments advance real-world solutions to poverty.

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