Advocacy Toolkit

Policy change starts with one voice. Advocating to end poverty can take as little as a few minutes. Just sending an email to your member of congress can make a huge difference. Help us end poverty by weighing in where your voice really matters. Take action today!

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Tell Us What You’re Looking For:

I want to make a difference today.

 Take Action  

I need data to help me talk to a legislator about poverty.

 Poverty Fact Sheets By House and Senate District in Illinois 2014

I want to start a human rights campaign.

 Utilizing a Human Rights Framework

I want to know which policies will help end poverty in Illinois.

 Illinois Commission on the Elimination of Poverty 2014 Agenda

I want to learn more about poverty in my Illinois community.

 CountyMap: Report on Illinois Poverty

I need compelling visuals on poverty for social media.