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Speak Out Against Slashing Refugee Admissions to Zero 

At Heartland Alliance, we provide critical legal, social, educational, and health services to immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers from across the globe. Our commitment to welcoming and supporting refugees is embedded in our organization, as we resettle hundreds of refugees every year and serve thousands more through our work.That commitment is why we wholeheartedly oppose a new proposal being considered, which would cut refugee admissions to zero and essentially lead to a functional shut down of the refugee resettlement program.

How Can YOU Help?

  • Call your members of Congress today and let them know you support increasing, not decreasing, the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. Ask them to co-sponsor  H.R.2146 –  the GRACE Act, which sets refugee admissions at 95,000 annually (Find your members of Congress here).

  • Speak out in support of refugees. Use your social media and other platforms to let this Administration know that refugees are valued members of our community. Share widely that you are one of the many Americans who #standwithrefugees.

  • Learn more about the refugee experience.

It is critical that we join together and push back on this harmful proposal!

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