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Heartland Alliance Celebrates Senate Defeat of ACA Repeal

Heartland Alliance believes that everyone deserves quality, affordable health care. After relentless attempts to strip millions of Americans of health coverage, we celebrate the announcement that the U.S. Senate will not call the Graham-Cassidy Affordable Care Act (ACA) repeal bill for a vote. We urge Senators now to turn to bipartisan solutions to strengthen our health care system and provide equitable and affordable health care for all.

The pressure to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been fierce, but our advocacy and commitment to protecting the health and well-being of our neighbors has once again proven stronger than those who wish to roll back the ACA. We want to thank all who called, wrote letters, attended rallies, and protested against the dismantling of our healthcare system. Concerned residents in Illinois and across the country should rejoice and know that millions of Americans have health coverage today thanks to their efforts.

While we have survived yet another challenge, the struggle to realize a health care system that works for everyone is not nearly over. The insurance markets are unstable thanks to repeated efforts at repeal and other actions by the administration such as the refusal to commit to paying federal subsidies to insurers, slashing the ACA’s outreach and marketing budgets, and curtailing this year’s open enrollment period. These counterproductive actions only serve to harm families, drive up premiums and continue to stoke calls for drastic change.

Instead, members of Congress should continue bipartisan negotiations aimed at resolving the instability caused in recent months. Bipartisan groups of Governors, Senators, and members of the House of Representatives have all issued proposals that would provide certainty to insurance markets and reduce premiums for families. We implore our elected officials to return to these proposals and reject further repeal efforts.

So today, we urge you both to take a moment to celebrate yet remain vigilant. Your efforts have taken our country a step towards ending poverty and providing health care to all. And as we celebrate, know that our next fight is waiting for us. We will continue until we fulfill our nation’s promise to provide everyone – regardless of their background or situation – the health care they need for themselves and their families to thrive.

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