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Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage in Illinois – Infographics 

 The Impossible Pie Chart

 The Impossible Pie ChartMinimum wage workers in Illinois earn $1430 a month. For families with only one worker, making ends meet on minimum wage isn’t just hard, it is impossible. With costs of living so high, a family of three in Illinois would need to spend 3x their monthly income to live without making unsustainable sacrifices. View infographic ›

 Main Street vs. Wall Street

MainStreetvsWallStreetBusinesses with fewer than 100 employees employ one third of all minimum wage workers. 82% of small business owners support raising the minimum wage. Large companies employ two thirds of all minimum wage workers. The top three minimum wage employers have nicreased proiftability since the recession but have kept wages at poverty levels. View infographic ›

Billions for Illinois

HigherWagesEqualsMoreConsumerSpendingHigher wages = more consumer spending. Raising the minimum wage would create a $2.5 billion net increase in economic activity across the state of Illinois. View infographic ›

1 Million Workers

Over1MillionWorkersBenefitOver 1 million Illinois Workers would benefit from a minimum wage increase. 583,000 Illinois children would have at least one parent affected. View infographic ›

Meet Bob the Minimum Wage Worker

Meet BobMeet Bob, the minimum wage worker. Like the majoirty of minimum wage workers, he is over age 20 and works full time. He also has a family that he needs to provide for. View infographic ›


Campaign for a Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights – Infographics 

Overworked and Underpaid

Overworked and UnderpaidToo often, domestic workers are overworked and underpaid. Learn more about the fiscal challenges of domestic workers. View infographic ›

The Hazards of Domestic Labor

The Hazards of Domestic LaborDomestic work can be hazardous, causing a range of damaging health problems. View infographic ›

A Statistical Snapshot of Live-In Workers

A Statistical Snapshot of Live-In WorkersSome domestic workers are “live-in” workers – living in the same home as the person they take care of. These jobs have a unique set o fchallenges and risks. View infographic ›