End Poverty

Every year, in collaboration with our partner organization, the Social IMPACT Research Center, we release an annual report on poverty in Illinois. The report includes data on the current state of poverty and quality of life domains in the state, as well as policy recommendations for the eradication of that poverty.

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From Poverty to Opportunity Campaign

Freedom from poverty is a human right, and the realization of this freedom requires a comprehensive vision and plan.  To that end, Heartland Alliance has created the From Poverty to Opportunity Campaign: Realizing Human Rights in Illinois to bring together a broad range of residents from the most affected communities throughout the state as well as advocates and policy leaders to develop and advocate for a poverty elimination strategy anchored to human rights standards that will reduce extreme poverty in Illinois by half by the year 2015.

Poverty Commission Plan Cover

The Commission on the Elimination of Poverty has released its plan – Building a Pathway to Dignity & Work: A Plan to Cut Extreme Poverty in half by 2015 in Illinois

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This project is made possible by the generous support of  The Libra Foundation and The Woods Fund of Chicago.