Our projects and partnerships are essential tools to expanding our reach, establishing community relationships, and working towards our goal of ending poverty. Heartland Alliance is a leading voice throughout the state of Illinois and nationally on issues impacting those in poverty. We advance our policy priorities through engagement and leadership on a number of coalitions. See our list of projects and partners below to find out more about our work.

Health Communities Cook County (HC3) was formed as a grassroots effort in response to the challenges many Cook County communities face in accessing affordable health care. Residents across Cook County have struggled for many years with poor access to healthcare and the financial insecurity that goes hand in hand with lacking health insurance. While the Affordable Care Act has recently extended affordable coverage to many, many more still remain uninsured due to cost, lack of information, or immigration status. HC3, with the support of Heartland Alliance, helped the Cook County Health and Hospital System design and implement a new care coordination program for those who lack health coverage through the existing CareLink charity care program, but much more work remains to ensure all people can get the quality health care they need. Learn more


The Illinois Asset Building Group (IABG) is a diverse statewide coalition committed to increasing access to the tools people need to build financially secure futures for themselves and their children. Our policy agenda has expanded to include work on the creation of a statewide Children’s Savings Account program, retirement savings accounts for all Illinois workers, protections from predatory financial products, and access to quality banking products tailored to meet the needs of lower-income individuals. Our work across these issue areas includes examining barriers and solutions to the growing racial wealth gap. IABG is lead by Heartland Alliance. Learn More

The Illinois Commission on the Elimination of Poverty is an independent body focused on eliminating poverty in our state in a manner consistent with international human rights standards. As such, the Commission’s charge is twofold:

  • To create and monitor a specific, substantive, measurable strategic plan for cutting extreme poverty in Illinois; and
  • To offer advice and comment on state matters that may positively or negatively impact the state’s goal of ending poverty.
    Learn more

Illinois Partners for Human Service is a state-wide organization of over 800 partners who are located in every legislative district in Illinois.  The Chicago Alliance for Collaborative Effort (CACE) formed Illinois Partners for Human Service in 2008. As an umbrella federation of more than twenty service organizations in Chicago, CACE has a long standing history of creating initiatives to support the human service and health sectors. Illinois Partners believes that if we want a well-maintained and managed human services sector, we need to support our civic leaders through education, collaboration, and advocacy so that Illinois’ most at risk residents and communities are taken care of. Learn more

The Mott Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that are working to strengthen their hometown of Flint and communities around world. Learn more 


Protect Our Care Illinois is a statewide coalition of health care advocates, providers, activists, and citizens working to prevent the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and any disastrous changes to Medicaid. The coverage gains made under the ACA and Medicaid expansion are crucial to addressing inequity in health care and we seek to expand upon this progress. Through our work, we have directly advocated with public officials, organized community education forums, and helped lift up the stories of those who benefit from Medicaid and the ACA. We have been heartened that efforts in Congress to repeal the ACA have thus far been unsuccessful, but we know the campaign to undermine the ACA is far from over. We invite you to join Protect Our Care Illinois and Heartland Alliance in protecting and strengthening our health care system. Learn more