Safety Net


Everyone needs assistance at some point in their lives, for themselves, a family member, or a colleague.  We advocate for a basic infrastructure of core services to ensure that people have help when they need it, whether during a temporary crisis or to meet an ongoing need.  A strong safety net of programs and services – from food and income assistance to domestic violence services, substance abuse treatment, elder care,  counseling or other human services – is an investment in the strength of our families and communities.  Heartland Alliance is a founding member and works in close partnership with Illinois Partners for Human Service, a statewide coalition of human services providers advocating together for quality services, adequate funding, and measurable results.

Our Safety Net Priorities:

  • Access to income supports such as TANF, SNAP and child care
  • Adequate and timely funding for human services 
  • Effective service delivery at the local level


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