Protect SNAP in Illinois


We invite SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) Illinois advocates to use the following resources to support this vital program. These materials include a variety of resources – informational pieces about the basics of SNAP, tools that advocates can utilize when communicating with decision-makers, and a number of fact sheets sharing the impact of this critical support.

If you would like more information, or have any additional questions, please reach out to Heartland Alliance Policy & Advocacy.

Lift up the importance of SNAP in your district, community, and state in local media, urging your Members of Congress to very publicly reject the harmful House SNAP provisions.

Share of Social: #HouseofRepresentatives & #Senate: Protect and strengthen SNAP to keep food on the tables of people struggling against hunger. Reject harmful House #FarmBill #SNAP provisions during conference.

Messaging for Members of the House

  • Protect and strengthen SNAP in the farm bill and keep food on the table for people struggling against hunger by urging leadership to reject the harmful House SNAP provisions, including structural changes to the program and harsh work rules that would take away food assistance from 2 million people.  
  • Thank Representatives who voted “No” on H.R. 2 and urge them to continue to protect and strengthen SNAP. (May 18 vote that failed to pass; June 21 vote that passed.)
  • Urge moderate Republicans who voted “Yes” on H.R. 2 to support the Senate Farm Bill nutrition title, which would protect food access for vulnerable people in their districts.

Messaging for Members of the Senate

  • Thank the 68 Senators who voted to table a harmful SNAP amendment during Senate consideration of its Farm Bill.
  • Urge all Senators to continue to protect and strengthen SNAP . Urge leadership to reject the draconian SNAP provisions in the House Farm Bill.

Many of our national partners have great resources that you can use to strengthen your advocacy and to learn more about the Farm Bill and SNAP.

Be sure to check out FRAC’s website for the latest updates and FRAC’s Farm Bill Resource Toolkit for resources you can use to enhance your advocacy, including FRAC’s analyses on the House and Senate Farm Bills and interactive maps highlighting the importance of SNAP in your Congressional District, county, and state.

Visit the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities to learn more about the critical role SNAP plays in helping struggling families put food on the table and about some of the harmful provisions in the House Farm Bill.




 SNAP 101  SNAP Employment & Training (E&T) in Illinois  


 Able-Bodied Adults without Dependents (ABAWDS)  (Coming Soon) ABAWDS vs. E&T  

Other Informative Resources Data matters ABAWD report
CBPP SNAP policy basics SNAP chartbook
SNAP participation by congressional district 12 facts about SNAP
SNAP & workers SNAP & retailers

SNAP’s Time Limit: Emerging Issues 
in Litigation and Implementation

DuPage Federation SNAP Resource
SNAP Benefits for College Students  








Watch: Federal Threats to SNAP
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Outreach/Direct Services Resources

ABE link GCFD Benefits Outreach
Story bank  SNAP chartbook

These resources are provided by the Illinois SNAP Advocates listed below.