Best Wishes, Sam!

Heartland Alliances’ fearless Director of Policy, Sam Tuttle, will be leaving her role in December 2018. She has been a driving force behind our policy work, with a fierce commitment to equity and an undeniable presence in our organization. 

We invite you to read what Heartland Alliance, along with her friends, peers, colleagues and legislative partners had to say about Sam, her accomplishments, and her impact on their lives throughout the years. 

“When you’re in the Capitol building and you’re fighting for the people our political system usually doesn’t even see, when you’re outnumbered and outspent, Sam is the person you need in your corner. Brilliant, fierce, strategic, and indefatigable. Sam, you’ve made a lot of people’s lives better. Thank you.”
– Senator Daniel Biss

“I have known Sam Tuttle Since I entered office 12 years ago and in that time I have been indelibly impressed with her ethic, skill, and tenacity. Her genuine care for people and tireless effort in empowering them truly makes her an incredible individual. With all my best wishes, I want to extend the utmost thanks and appreciation to Sam for her constant professionalism, bubbly personality, and attention to every last detail. Sam’s absence from Heartland Alliance will be felt, however we know she will continue to achieve nothing less than greatness.” – State Representative Elizabeth Hernandez

“Sam Tuttle has been the advocate version of Daniel Biss, which is saying something: fervently committed to social justice in all forms, smarter than hell, expert in the legislative process, and tireless. Thank you and every best wish, Sam!” – Senator Pat McGuire

Sam has been the most important mentor I have had in my career. She has taught me nuance and strategies that I never would have conceived of and instilled a belief in our ability to advance social change that I will carry with me always. Her combination of brilliance, ferocity, and kindness will not be easily replaced.”  – Dan Rabbitt, Health Policy Project Manager, Heartland Alliance

“Sam has been an invaluable resource to HHCS as we navigated challenging State budgetary and policy issues and she has been super smart with strategy, relationship building and positioning Heartland in the best light. I appreciate Sam’s candor, here ability to quickly surface our values and human rights orientation in any policy discussion and her passion for this work and commitment to social justice. I think one of Sam’s many gifts is that everyone feels smarter after interacting with her. HHCS and our participants will be forever impacted by her great work and I appreciate her leadership in our sector. It is unparalleled.” – David Sinski Executive Director of Heartland Human Care Services

“Among the many things that I have learned from Sam Tuttle, one of the most important is to consider the unintended consequences of policy change—we must commit ourselves to the diligence of comprehensive analysis before jumping on any bandwagon.” – Ed Stellon, Executive Director of Heartland Alliance Health 

“I have learned so much from Sam regarding policy and the values that come along with creating it. She has been so gracious and kind to me as she has been an unofficial mentor to me in the arena of policy. I would not be who I am as a budding policy person without her wisdom, kindness, and willingness to coach me. I love her and I will miss her very much in this capacity”  – Quintin Williams, Field Building Manager, Heartland Alliance

“I am so excited for Sam and all that is in store for her in the future. I have worked with Sam over these last few years on a controversial bill that was equally important to both of us to pass. In the years that I spent in Springfield, I have never met anyone as dedicated and as passionate about her work. It is if she had a personal investment in every individual whose lives would be improved because of the efforts involved in legislation. This total commitment to enhance the lives for ALL is what makes her one of the finest human beings. This is also what makes her so successful. I am proud to call her my friend.” 
State Representative Barb Wheeler

“In three short years under her supervision, Sam taught me more than most people who do this work learn their whole career. I will forever be grateful to her for that! She is truly one of a kind in the most positive ways and will be sorely missed!” – Nadeen Israel

We are so thankful for Sam’s leadership and partnership and wish her the best of luck in her next adventure!