Advancing Policy that Takes Us Closer to a More Equitable Illinois

With the New Year in our rear view mirror it is time to set our sights on the Illinois General Assembly, which returns to session this month.  Heartland Alliance’s policy team is in the process of finalizing its legislative agenda (Stay tuned! Until then, see our 2017 accomplishments). From advancing bills that address the needs of survivors of human trafficking to those that help keep people from going hungry, Heartland Alliance will be working to advance policies that take us steps closer to a more equitable state.

The new legislative session also means it is time for the General Assembly to begin building next year’s budget. Despite a small reprieve last year when the General Assembly finally passed a comprehensive budget with some additional revenue, Illinois still faces sizable fiscal challenges. The programs and services that help address the worst effects of poverty, build community well-being, and ensure that all Illinoisans can reach their fullest potential are likely to face cuts. The General Assembly must pass a budget for FY19 that fully funds critical programs and services, while looking for long-term, progressive revenue solutions that help put Illinois back on track. 

There is hard work ahead and Heartland Alliance’s policy team will be there every step of the way. However, we cannot do this alone, so we’ll be calling on you to join us in taking action. Sign up for our action alerts today to stay informed, involved and take action!