Total Tooth Truth Lesson Plan

Looking to develop healthy habits in students of all ages?  Total Tooth Truth was developed to increase the students focus and creativity to Oral Health. Fill out the form below to receive this Free 5-part Lesson Plan.  The Oral Health Forum is dedicated in promoting healthy habits in everyone. Total Tooth Truth was funded by the Mars Wrigley Foundation.



The following lessons are taught through various engaging methods, including science projects, fun tongue twisters, and art projects. Fill out the form below to receive a copy of your 5 Part Total Tooth Truth Package.


Lesson 1:  Why We Need Teeth

This lesson covers  healthy teeth and how this leads to healthy bodies.





Lesson 2: Understanding Cavities

This lesson discusses preventative measures for cavities, how cavities are formed and the role that a dentist plays in fixing cavities.





Lesson 3: Taking Care of Our Teeth

This lesson covers the best method of taking care of your teeth, including brushing and flossing.





Lesson 4: The Importance of Healthy Eating

The purpose of this plan is to gain an understanding of how food plays a roll in healthy teeth and helps the student differentiate between good and bad foods for overall oral health.



Lesson 5: Dentist Decoder

The final lesson helps the pupil understand what takes place at the dentists office, dispelling common fears about office visits and how often to visit their provider.






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