The National Center on Employment and Homelessness

The National Center on Employment and Homelessness (NCEH) seeks acknowledgement and commitment by providers, policies, and systems, at all levels and geographies, that employment in quality jobs that pay a living wage is a key element for ending homelessness. NCEH seeks to ensure that providers have access to, and understanding of, best practices and evidence-based employment interventions for people experiencing homelessness and that they have the tools and resources to implement them. NCEH seeks to educate and influence decision makers in order to open doors to employment for people experiencing homelessness through all relevant federal legislation, appropriations, and programs.

NCEH and the Connections Project are generously supported by the Oak Foundation and Melville Charitable Trust.

The Pathways Forward Challenge

The National Center on Employment and Homelessness (NCEH) at Heartland Alliance, with generous funding from the Oak Foundation and Melville Charitable Trust, will support up to five communities in advancing systems change ideas that increase employment among people experiencing homelessness. Selected Pathways Forward communities will receive financial resources, technical assistance, and connections to peer learning opportunities in order to implement their ideas over a two and a half year project period. Our aim is to spur bold systems changes that more effectively and equitably connect homeless and unstably housed jobseekers to employment.

The Connections Project

Launched in 2015, the Connections Project’s goal is to increase employment and economic opportunity for homeless jobseekers through systems change. Over three years, the Connections Project will foster and support systems-level innovations and partnerships in communities nationwide, spurring new ideas and stronger connections among homeless and workforce systems to help ensure that people experiencing homelessness can access employment and economic opportunity.

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