Our Initiatives

NI is home to several initiatives designed to help focus attention on critical populations and solutions:

National Center on Employment & Homelessness (NCEH)

The National Center on Employment & Homelessness (NCEH) is dedicated to ensuring that employment is a key element in the fight to preventand end homelessness. Through NCEH we promote employment in quality jobs that pay a living wage as a fundamental solution to homelessness; identify and advance evidence-based employment interventions; advance systems change; and connect workforce and homeless service systems. The Connections Project is funding five sites to plan, implement, and strengthen innovative systems collaboration ideas aimed at increasing employment and economic opportunity for homeless jobseekers.

National Transitional Jobs Network

The National Transitional Jobs Network is a national coalition dedicated to getting chronically unemployed Americans back to work. We advance employment solutions including Transitional Jobs that combine wage-paid work, job skills training, and supportive services to help individuals facing barriers to employment succeed in the workforce. We open doors to work through research and evaluation, education and training, and policy advocacy. Our coalition is comprised of city, state, and federal policy makers; workforce organizations; and nonprofit service providers and advocacy organizations.

B. MORE Initiative

The B.MORE Initiative seeks to open doors to employment and economic advancement for low-income black men and youth across the country through policy advocacy, resource creation, and coalition building. We work at the intersections of child support, criminal justice, and employment to promote better policies and to equip providers to run more effective programs and systems account for the employment needs and interests of low-income black men and youth.