Working to End Homelessness Toolkit

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The guides included in the Working to End Homelessness toolkit reflect everything we’ve learned about helping people experiencing homelessness find and keep employment, in order to meet their needs, become and remain stably housed, and fulfill their personal goals. Based on a comprehensive review of the research literature as well as a year-long investigative process with a Community of Practice containing exemplary providers from across the country, the WEH toolkit is for employment service providers, workforce development  professionals, advocates, policymakers, and other stakeholders interested in how to use employment to help end homelessness.



Research Briefs & Resources



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Tips for Transitional Jobs Programs Serving People Experiencing Homelessness

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Working to End Homelessness Initiative: Best Practice Series

WEH populations

Populations Experiencing Homelessness: Diverse barriers to employment and how to address them

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Employment Program Components: Considerations for modifying programming for people experiencing homelessness

WEH program models cover

Employment Program Models for People Experiencing Homelessness: Different approaches to program structure

WEH service delivery cover

Service Delivery Principles and Techniques: Helping People Experiencing Homelessness Engage in Services and Succeed in Employment

work matters cover

Work Matters: Employment as a Tool for Preventing Homelessness and Improving Health

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The Workforce Investment Act: Homeless System Innovation & Recommendations

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Getting Families on Their Feet: Steps for Integrating Employment Programming into Homeless Services









Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment & Training: A funding source for jobseekers experiencing homelessness or housing instability








Creating Economic Opportunity for Homeless Jobseekers: The Role of Employers and Community-Based Organizations








Every System Plays a Role in Working to End Homelessness: How the TANF System Can Support Economic Opportunity for Families Experiencing Homelessness








Integrating Rapid Re-Housing & Employment: Program & Policy Recommendations for Enhancing Rapid Re-Housing







Systems Work Better Together: Strengthening Public Workforce & Homeless Service Systems Collaboration