National Initiatives’ team has nearly 20 years of experience combating chronic unemployment.  We leverage our experience to foster more effective and sustainable employment efforts for the chronically unemployed. Through our range of services, we are dedicated to equipping organizations, communities, and government systems to address chronic unemployment head on.

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We can help you:

Develop and Implement Employment Programs:  We offer comprehensive expert consultation and assistance with all aspects of employment initiative planning, implementation and operations. We assist a wide range of employment initiatives, from small community-based organizations to public-sector initiatives at the city state and federal levels. Our assistance is practical and grounded in practice, never losing sight of the end goal of helping chronically unemployed people get and keep quality employment.

  • Program Planning: We can assist with all stages of program design and planning, including selecting a program structure, determining the scope of services, identifying target populations, creating a staffing plan, and developing partnerships, and can help identify and avoid common pitfalls and build on the successes of established programs to streamline your planning and design process.
  • Implementation: We can help bring project plans to fruition by assisting with selecting contractors or program sites, reviewing job descriptions, drafting policies, recruiting jobseekers, engaging employers, educating community stakeholders. We customize and deliver trainings for staff and leadership that range from the basics of employment program operation to best practices for fulfilling specific roles such as job development and coordinating supportive services.
  • Operations: We can assess employment program operations and troubleshoot programming challenges, develop recommendations, and create practical plans for program improvement. We also serve as an ongoing guide for program line staff and leadership alike, rapidly responding to requests for information or advice.
  • Evaluation: We can help design and deliver program evaluations that capture both the implementation of effective practices and a range of outcomes data on subsidized workers, employer partners, and communities, and help you implement the findings of that evaluation.
  • Improvement: We work to identify evidence-based and promising practices to help improve outcomes for chronically unemployed jobseekers. We build off research and experience to deliver recommendations for program improvement that are specific, practical, actionable and realistic.

Serve Populations Facing Chronic Unemployment: Millions of Americans face barriers to employment. We have expertise in supporting effective and sustainable employment efforts for the following populations:

  • Low-income women with children 
  • People experiencing homelessness
  • People reentering communities from incarceration
  • Opportunity youth (youth who are not working or in school)
  • Noncustodial parents
  • Youth and men of color

Create Policy and Systems Change: Our policy and advocacy work advances solutions to the systemic issues that drive chronic unemployment. We can help your initiative navigate and influence your policy environment and advance local and state systems change through policy development, coalition building, advocacy campaign design and implementation, strategic communications and education, and policy implementation. We can assist with coordinating visits with legislators and policymaking staff in Washington, D.C., in home districts, or on-site at program locations.

Design Employment Models: We are the national leader in designing, implementing, and improving transitional jobs and subsidized employment models as well as other wage paid, real work employment models. We can help your program or community design and implement transitional jobs or subsidized employment programs as well as modify and enhance other types of employment service delivery to better serve the needs of chronically unemployed jobseekers. 

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