2013: Harm Reduction in the House conference: It’s Not Just About Drugs

Thank you to everyone that attended our third annual Harm Reduction in the House conference:  It’s Not Just About Drugs.  Below you find a copy of our agenda. Where applicable, we have linked to PDFs of presentations from the conference and related resources.  Please follow this link to the presenter bios with contact information, if you are interested in contacting one of our fabulous presenters!

Harm Reduction in the House:  It’s Not Just About Drugs
Date:  Friday, September 13, 2013
Location:  University Center Conference Center, 525 S. State St., ChicagoThis conference focused on the process, challenges, and advantages of creating and working in housing programs that embrace harm reduction—that is, housing that does not require abstinence from risky behaviors as the ticket for admission. Sessions will explore pragmatic applications of harm reduction with regard to substance use and a broad range of other risky behaviors in an effort to expand and deepen our understanding and application of this compassionate philosophy. Because the focus will be on tools and techniques for applying harm reduction, attendees should already be familiar with the basic principles of harm reduction.


Harm Reduction Housing: Fidelity to a Model
Tailored to administrators and managers working to implement Harm Reduction Housing or improve their current projects

Opioid Safety and Community-Based Overdose Management 
Explore the role of overdose education and naloxone distribution in reducing overdose death and discuss ways it has been implemented among homeless groups

Harm Reduction and Mental Health 
Learn about the Hearing Voices Movement and ways to approach unusual thoughts and experiences as intrinsically meaningful and often connected to individuals’ life events and histories.
Additional Resources:
Engaging with voices: Rethinking the clinical treatment of psychosis
Open Dialogue Approach Links
Maastricht Interview for Voice Hearers


Creating a Trauma-Informed Agency
Additional Resources:
Creating a Trauma Informed Agency Resources
Trauma Resources
Tailored to administrators and managers interested in transforming their agency’s culture to one that is trauma-informed 

Harm Reduction Representative Payeeship
Tailored to case managers and organizations currently providing or considering providing representative payeeship services to their clients to help them maintain their housing

Harm Reduction and Cultural Competence
Additional Resources:
Ways to Achieve Cultural Competence
LEARN Model of Cultural Competence
Learning about how harm reduction can be practiced respectfully and with humility with various communities


Harm Reduction Housing: Challenges, Opportunities, and Successes in Independent Living  
Experienced Harm Reduction Housing providers discuss successes and challenges and explore opportunities to help our participants

Partnering, Parenting, and Community Living
Expanding the conversation to include minimizing the harm of risky behaviors on partners and spouses, children, and neighbors.

Panel – Harm Reduction: It’s Not Just About Drugs
Helping all of us expand the focus and the conversation beyond drugs (i.e. homelessness, sex, self harm, domestic violence, nutrition, hoarding)


Informal lunch conversations:
Pursuit of Pleasure & Quality of Life
Advocacy, Community Building, Coalition Building
Practicing harm reduction within or in collaboration with traditional treatment

Closing Session – Harm Reduction for the Harm Reductionist: Self-Care
Helping all of us explore how to attend to self-care in the midst of this difficult work

This conference was supported by the Searle Funds at the Chicago Community Trust and the Pierce Family Foundation in partnership with the Chicago Alliance to End Homelessness and Heartland Alliance Health.

Thank you to all who took part in this excellent conference and to those of you who were interested but weren’t able to make it. We’ll see you next year!