Staff Leadership

Executive Team

Evelyn Diaz

Evelyn J. Diaz
Heartland Alliance

Brooke McKean
Interim Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer
Heartland Alliance International


Global Learning

Program Development

Emily Ardell
Director, Program Quality

Liz Drew
Director, Program Development

Marie de Cenival
Technical Advisor, Gender

Kim Beers
Associate Director, Program Development

Christy Fujio
Technical Advisor, Access to Justice

Michael Castellano
Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships

Sonali Gupta
Technical Advisor, Mental Health

Clinton Trout
Technical Advisor, HIV/AIDS

Jaye Stapleton
Associate Director, Research and M&E


External Relations

Brooke McKean
Chief Operating Officer
Kelly Spence
Director, External Relations
Samantha Levin
Associate Director, Operations

Regional Programs

Latin American and the Caribbean

Middle East and North Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa

Molly Castillo-Keefe
Regional Director, Latin American & the Caribbean
Scott Portman
Regional Director, Middle East & North Africa
Michael Passarelli
Regional Director, Sub-Saharan Africa
David Alejandro Schoeller-Diaz
Country Director, Colombia
Salah Barzngy
Country Director, Iraq
Venance Kouakou
Country Director, Côte d’Ivoire
Letizia Cuozzo
Country Director, Dominican Republic
Constantin Kahorha
Country Director, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Cairo Arévalo 
Acting Country Director, Mexico
Bartholomew Ochonye
Country Director, Nigeria

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