Reports & Publications

Heartland Alliance International conducts research to inform our work and help us build on past successes, apply lessons learned, and more efficiently implement programs in a constantly changing environment. This information ensures that the services we provide meet the highest standards and make a positive and transformative impact on the lives of the world’s most marginalized people and communities.

Trauma of a Generation: The Urgent Need for Specialized Mental Health Solutions in Central America’s Northern Triangle

Research presented in this report is intended to bring visibility to the range of complex and traumatic life experiences faced by Central American youth, particularly in El Salvador, and to document the adverse consequences that prolonged exposure to violence, whether direct or indirect, has on the mental health and development of youth. The aim of this report is to serve as a reference to providers working with youth across service systems, and to provide initial steps in the development and augmentation of mental health programming for youth in Central America’s Northern Triangle.