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What is Protective Travel Service?


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We understand that some passengers may experience anxiety when traveling through a busy airport and may need additional support. Our staff and volunteers provide one-on-one service by accompanying these passengers through such processes as:

  • Flight check-in
  • Going through security
  • Transferring gates
  • Getting to baggage claim
  • And/or sitting with them during a layover


Who Do We Assist?

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We are trained to care and advocate for vulnerable passengers, including those with:

  • Cognitive or developmental disabilities
  • Mental health needs 
  • Physical disabilities 
  • Illness and/or who have experienced trauma


Airport Practice Experience

Travelers Aid Chicago also provides walk-through training for first time and vulnerable passengers. Each training is unique and can include experiencing the security screening process, walking a terminal, taking in the sensory aspects of the airport, and learning tips that can help in planning future travel.

We help passengers and their families prepare for travel by providing “teachable moments” and real life experiences at the airport. To arrange a training, contact (773) 894-2427 or email us at


For more information, contact us at (773) 894-2427 or email us at

Travelers Aid Chicago | O’Hare International Airport, Terminal 2 | PO Box 66019 | Chicago, IL 60666