Integrative Design


By collaborating with key stakeholders at every level of development, we are able to design buildings that cohesively take into account all of the involved parties’ needs, ideas, and fields of expertise. Our process begins with a daylong design charrette to outline objectives and strategies. This session encourages an open flow of ideas, challenges and solutions throughout design development.

In recent projects, we have followed this opening charrette with focus groups of prospective residents to gain feedback on early design plans, empowering them to share key insights that are crucial to the design process. Working with seniors in the development of Town Hall Apartments’ design, for instance, led to the reconfiguration of the residential units, a design emphasis on certain community spaces, and the inclusion of common areas of different sizes in which residents will be able to socialize and host gatherings from a game night to a dinner party.  At Maskani Place, working with families in our partner’s temporary housing shelter, we rethought the practicalities of life with young children in the design of the building’s common areas.

This work with future tenants also reminds us that, beyond developing buildings, we are creating homes. Understanding that the aesthetic elements can be just as valuable as the functional aspects in a home, we often continue the community design process to work with local artists and future or current residents to design and install a piece of public art.

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