Our Perspective: State of the Union

January 31, 2018

Equity and opportunity are essential to a society where everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. That means supporting our Dreamers’ ability to thrive within a nation built upon justice and equality. It means coming together to support and heal those experiencing poverty, trauma, homelessness, substance abuse, injustice, violence or seeking economic opportunity. We must embrace the diversity of our nation and those who come to us seeking safety and stability and not build walls or create policies that marginalize the most vulnerable among us.

The President’s policies – as outlined in last night’s State of the Union address – work against the promise of prosperity, and our ability to achieve a “safe, strong and proud” Union. Today, over 43 million people in America live below the poverty line and millions more experience serious hardships. Globally, more than 65 million individuals and families have been displaced from their homes due to persecution and violence.

Heartland Alliance is grounded in our commitment to those that we serve and will work alongside them, our leadership in government, and our communities, to create a more just global society. We invite you to stand with Heartland Alliance as we vigorously work to advance human rights and create lasting change.

What You Can Do: