Heartland Alliance Associate Board

What is the Heartland Alliance Associate Board?

The Associate Board is an auxiliary board of Heartland Alliance comprised of dynamic young and mid-career professionals from throughout the Chicago-area who share a commitment to changing society and advocating for human rights.

The Associate Board’s Mission

The Associate Board of Heartland Alliance will work to end poverty by volunteering our time, contributing to the financial goals of the organization, and educating the community about the work Heartland Alliance does.  The Associate Board will do this through a strong network of socially engaged professionals that support the many programs and services of Heartland Alliance.

Who are Associate Board members?

Associate Board members are an ethnically and professionally diverse group of men and women who share a desire to develop and test their leadership and networking skills for professional advancement and support of Heartland Alliance.

Key Responsibilities of an Associate Board Member

  1. Enthusiastically support and advocate for the mission of Heartland Alliance
  2. Contribute an annual board gift of $100 or purchase a ticket to a Heartland Alliance Signature Event
  3. Secure through your efforts an additional $500 in value for the organization (including selling tickets to events, securing sponsorship or raffle donations, donating in-kind goods or volunteering)
  4. Attend at least three of the six board meetings in person or virtually (held on the third Wednesday of July, September, November, January, March and May)
  5. Serve actively on at least one committee
  6. Participate in at least four Associate Board activities annually
  7. Recruit one new member per year or introduce 5 new people to Heartland Alliance through an Associate Board activity


Committee Info 

Marketing & Social Media Committee:

  • Spread the word about Heartland Alliance and the Associate Board
  • Continue to build the presence of the Associate Board on social networking sites
  • Promote fundraising, recruitment, volunteering and outreach events and activities
  • Develop corporate relationships to secure sponsorship and donations and promote recruitment
  • Work to  ensure consistent messaging at events and in materials

Membership & Recruitment Committee:

  • Determine the best methods for outreach to grow and maintain membership of the Associate Board
  • Meet, welcome and onboard all new members
  • Work with staff to ensure all new members have received the welcome materials
  • Ensure member expectations are being met and that members are satisfied with their experience

Events Committee:

  • Responsible for planning 1 large and 1-2 small fundraising events each year (wine tasting, tailgate party, etc.)
  • Work with venues to schedule dates, arrange details and manage budgeting
  • Work with staff and Marketing & Social Media Committee to publicize the event and sell tickets
  • In partnership with the Membership & Recruitment Committee, organize 1-2 networking events to engage new people in Heartland Alliance’s work



Email Alyse Kieber-Emmoms, Interim Membership & Recruitment Chair at alysepriscilla@gmail.com to learn more