Among people living in the streets, in cars, in shelters or moving from couch-to-couch, trusting other people is difficult. Oftentimes, their belongings have been stolen or they’ve encountered violence, which results in mental health challenges or addictions. Many people in these situations lack access to healthcare and have a hard time believing that anyone would help them or invest in them.

Our outreach team is on the streets, in shelters and in other community settings. We connect with these often overlooked populations, showing them that there are people who care about them and will help them. Step by step, the outreach team builds relationships with homeless individuals with the goal of helping them get permanently housed and linked to healthcare.

Each year, the team works with more than 200 participants who are homeless and seriously mentally ill. From initial contact through engaging them in care on the streets, they make sure that they have the medications they need, are aware of the shelters they can go to that night and where they can get a meal. The team links these participants to HAH’s Homeless Resource Center, where they can take showers, do laundry, have a nutritious lunch and participate in support groups while working on securing housing.

Historically, nearly half of the people that the outreach team works with are permanently housed and linked to healthcare within one year.
For general information – Chris Robinson, 773-751-4184