Heartland Alliance Denounces House Vote in Favor of AHCA

Heartland Alliance believes that quality healthcare, available to all people, is a basic pillar of a strong, just, and equitable society. As a provider of healthcare to those who need it most, Heartland Alliance finds the recent House of Representatives 217-213 vote in favor of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to be deeply troubling. The Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion and protections for those suffering from serious illnesses have been transformative for our efforts to prevent and eliminate poverty. The AHCA would dismantle these programs, stripping needed health coverage from millions of Americans and taking a step backward in ensuring health and opportunity for the individuals we serve. Heartland Alliance is disappointed that leaders from Illinois would vote for legislation that puts over one million people in Illinois in jeopardy of losing their healthcare.

“Medicaid expansion has changed the lives of countless Heartland Alliance participants and thousands of people living in poverty across Illinois,” said Heartland Alliance President Evelyn Diaz. “This coverage has helped disadvantaged Illinoisans get the care they need, build stability in their lives, and just as importantly, obtain peace of mind.  The expansion of Medicaid coverage through ACA eliminated the worry that getting sick would push our participants further into poverty and we are not going back to those days without a fight – regardless of any House vote.”

In the wake of this vote, Heartland Alliance remains undeterred. We know that an effective health system can literally save lives. The proper intervention for someone in crisis can be the catalyst that turns their lives around, but only if it is available and affordable to them. Medicaid expansion has dramatically improved the likelihood that the most vulnerable and sick among us can get the care they need when they need it, but the AHCA vote threatens this progress and the lives that depend on it.

We will not give up on healthcare for all.

Heartland Alliance is a proud member of the Protect Our Care Illinois coalition, which has brought together people from around the state to fight for their health care and keep our elected officials accountable.

“These citizens and community members aren’t going anywhere,” said Heartland Alliance Health Policy Manager Dan Rabbitt. “With their passion and the facts on our side, we will ultimately prevail and protect the health care of all Illinoisans.”

We hope that you will join us as we continue to advocate for a healthcare system that is compassionate, effective, and accessible to all.

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