Giving Tuesday

Equity and Opportunity for All

Each year, millions of men, women, and children around the world are discriminated against, oppressed, and live in fear for their lives. Millions of people are displaced as a result of conflict and violence, and millions more are trapped by inequity and in the cycle of poverty. Food, medicine, housing, education, safety, freedom – for millions of people around the world, these necessities are simply out of reach.

For over a century, Heartland Alliance has advanced human rights and responded to the human needs of society’s most marginalized populations by providing comprehensive and respectful services and promoting permanent solutions that lead to a more just global society. No one program or policy will eliminate poverty or injustice, and that is why we invest in solutions that are multi-pronged and interconnected: housing improves health care, better health helps people work, job opportunity can stem community violence, and a just system allows individuals to realize their full potential.

Heartland Alliance reaches 400,000 marginalized and low income people around the globe each year. Now more than ever, we need your help as we seek to realize our vision of achieving equity and opportunity for all.

Support Heartland Alliance this #GivingTuesday!