Employee Testimonials


mark_headshotI work here because I really believe in the old phrase “all politics are local”. I both work and live in this community and my work gives me the chance to really do something positive not only for my participants and staff, but for my neighborhood. It’s bigger than I am. I don’t just show up and collect a paycheck, I’m part of a grassroots campaign to end homelessness. And let me tell you, there’s never a dull moment! The amount of diversity in the lives of everyone involved here, from the participants to the colleagues to our community partners, really makes this a rich and vibrant place and gives us the opportunity to learn about the lives and experiences of people we may never have met otherwise.

-Mark, Property Manager, Area Property Manager for Heartland Housing


Tanya Headshot

I love my work here because living a purpose driven life is really important to me and my work has an impact on people in need who have sought us out for assistance. We’re working diligently to help them improve their lives and I know my work has an impact. I’ve never worked for an organization before where people from all walks of life can truly feel comfortable in the workplace but it’s true here. Everyone here is very hardworking, dedicated and compassionate and I love coming in and seeing the smiling faces and diversity of all my co-workers every morning.


-Tanya, Accounts Receiveable




I’ve been working as administrative staff at Heartland since 1986, back when we were known as Travelers and Immigrants Aid, and I love seeing both the organization and the people in it change and grow. When I started we didn’t even have computers and we were a very small organization. Today we work in communities all around the world. When the needs change, programs are born or grow and some are closed in order to be sure we serve our participants best. In my position I’m at the heart of everything and I get to see the staff in action, and the program participants enjoying the benefits. That’s something really special here – everyone is so dedicated and works hard to be sure both our participants and our staff have what they need and feel respected.

-Esperanza, Reception Area Scheduler, National Immigrant Justice Center