Heartland Alliance Board of Directors

Chair: Kary McIlwain
Vice Chair: Susan Rider
Secretary: Shubha Ahya
Treasurer: Cynthia Fronczak

Mary L. Ahern
Linda T. Coberly
Jacqueline English
Lisa Haag
Alan Harder
Alison W. McConnell
Glenn D. Newman
Michael A. Nutter
Ernesto Ramos
Selwyn Rogers
Ryan S. Ruskin
Zaher Sahloul

Liaisons from boards and auxiliaries:

Kyle Peterson and Daniel Lezotte
Heartland Housing

Becky Frederick and Jonathan Laux
Heartland Human Care Services

Richard Grossi and Khoa Ho
Heartland Alliance Health

Alén Takhsh and Theodore W. Michalke
Heartland Alliance International

Randall Rapp and Susan Fortino Brown
National Immigrant Justice Center’s Advisory Council

Alyse Kieber-Emmons and Nineveh Zoudo
Associate Board

(Eli Rosario, Assistant Treasurer)
(Betsy Leonard, Assistant Secretary)
(Evelyn Diaz, President)