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Executive Vice President, Heartland Alliance

Liz Sode (new)Ms. Sode is the Executive Vice President of Heartland Alliance. Until January, 2014, she served as Executive Director of Business Services with oversight for Heartland’s business infrastructure systems including finance, information technology, human resources, quality and risk management, donor and community relations, communications, and internal audits.  As part of a strategic management succession plan, Ms. Sode became Executive Vice President of Heartland in 2014 and will retire from Heartland at the conclusion of the Organization’s current fiscal year in June, 2014.

A former senior executive in the food and consumer products industry, Ms. Sode is a leader in fostering achievement within nonprofit management, utilizing proven for-profit strategies to bolster nonprofit success. Over her career, she has served as a board member for more than 40 nonprofit organizations, assuming leadership positions in more than half of them, including service on the Heartland Alliance board of directors for twenty years prior to joining the executive staff in 2005. Ms. Sode holds an MBA from Loyola University in Chicago, a Bachelor of Science degree in communications and journalism from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, and a certificate in the liberal arts from the University of Chicago.