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The Social IMPACT Research Center offers three types of services:

1. Social Research & Evaluations

Data Calculator, Research and Evaluations

Whether you’re looking for a program evaluation, a needs assessment, mapping, focus groups, surveys, or other research services, IMPACT customizes each project to meet the unique needs of our clients. We work with foundations, nonprofits, governments, companies, and media on issues related to poverty, housing, homelessness, employment, public benefits, health care, education, and asset development.

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2. Data Services

Data Magnifying Glass, Data Services

Sometimes the research you need has already been conducted or the data have already been collected. There is no need to recreate the wheel; IMPACT can find, review, and analyze this research and data for you – saving you valuable time and resources.

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3. Training, Consulting, & Presentations

Training Class, Training and Consulting

IMPACT staff has expertise facilitating planning processes, running coalitions, and providing trainings. From creating a Plan to End Homelessness to training staff on ways to access Census data sets, IMPACT can help you on the path to achieving your mission.

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Have questions? Contact the Social IMPACT Research Center at or call 312.870.4949.