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Getting America Back to Work Campaign

Roughly 23 million Americans are unemployed and underemployed. Newly returning veterans, youth, those with fewer skills and education, and minorities are disproportionately reflected in unemployment figures. For millions of Americans employment has been out of reach long before the last recession. These individuals face barriers to employment such as little or nor current work experience; few or insuffient skills; lack of transportation or child care; and limited English skills or basic education. They represent youth not connected to work or school, recipients or public assistance, people who are experiencing or are at risk of homelessness, people returning to communities from incarceration, non-custodial parents, veterans, refugees, new Americans and many others. Here at the National Transitional Jobs Network, we believe that the path to employment for many individiduals with barriers to employment and those who are chronically unemployed begins with Transitional Jobs and Subsidized Employment programs.

Especially today, we need federal policies that help connect all job seekers to work. Our federal leaders must take responsibility to ensure that every American has the opportunity to get, keep, and advance in the labor market.

Join individuals and organizations across the country in reaching out to our federal decision-makers to:

  • Highlight the need for employment solutions like Transitional Jobs.
  • Show the importance of employment solutions like Transitional Jobs and subsidized employment to support access to employment.
  • Mandate attention and investment in these solutions to help get Americans back to work now.

There are many ways you can be's just a few:

  • Hold a meeting with federal elected officials or other decision-makers in your community.
  • Host site visit with federal elected officials, local employers, or other decision-makers in your community. 
  • Email a letter to your federal elected officials urging them to support policies that get Americans back to work. 
  • Share a Youtube video or story about the success of Transitional Jobs programs in your community with your local or federal elected officials. 
  • Send a tweet to your elected officials urging them to support policies that help get all Americans back to work through Transitional Jobs and subsidized employment. Use #AmericaBack2Work. 
  • Write and submit an op-ed or letter to the editor
  • Help us spread the word! Share the campaign with others in your community and urge them to get involved.