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2012 National Transitional Jobs Network Conference

Restoring the Promise of Work: Subsidized Employment & Transitional Jobs

Thank you to our sponsors, speakers and attendess who helped make Restoring the Promoise of Work: Subsidized Employment and Transitional Jobs conference a success.

Please see a list of conference workshops and discussions by title. Moderators' and presenters' powerpoints are linked when available. More session powerpoints will be added in the coming weeks, so plese check back. Download the full conference program.

Motivational Interviewing 101 Hands-On Training

TJ 101: Comprehensive Overview of the Transitional Jobs Model

Offender Workforce Development: Embracing a Second Chance 

Workforce Solutions to Homelessness: How Employment Programs Work to End Homelessness                                                                                                  

Participant Assessment: The Challenge of Evaluating and Determining Job Readiness

Older Workers and Workforce Development: Challenges, Strategies, and Resources

It’s a Rural Thing: Considerations for Implementing TJ in a Rural Context

Ensuring Transitional Jobs Are More Than Just a Time-Limited Paycheck

Creating Employment Opportunities through TANF: Lessons Learned from ARRA/TANF – ECF

Stepping Stones to Career Pathways: Pairing Transitional Jobs with Sector Employment Strategies

Adult Learning in the Context of Work: Transitional Jobs & Contextualized Adult Instruction

Ratcheting Up Readiness to Work: Stepped and Tiered Transitional Jobs Program Structures

Connecting Homeless Jobseekers to Work: Essential Elements in Coordinating Homeless and Workforce System Approaches

Off on the Right Foot: Different Approaches to Youth Subsidized Employment

Considerations for Transitional Jobs Scaling and Replication

Participants, Business and the Community: The Triple Bottom Line of Social Enterprise TJ Programs